Tournament rules

1  All matches shall be played in accordance to FIFA, UEFA and DFB (German Football Association) Laws of the Game.

2 The Tournament Committee, established by the Local Organizer, is to be responsible for all
competition-related arrangements. The Management Committee will consist of members chosen by NIKE. Tournament Jury, formed by the Local Organizer, is to tackle all disciplinary issues.

3  Tournament Participants are winners of their National Finals in the year 2016-2017. 15 guest teams and one host team.

4  Artificial or natural pitch may serve as the final game’s venue.

5  Referees
All matches will be supervised by referees and assistant referees licensed by the DFB (German Football Association)

6  Referee’s decisions are final.

7  Team officials
4 team officials, of 18 years of age or older, are obliged to accompany their teams constantly. The name, address and date of birth of the team official are to be printed on his team’s registration sheet in an intelligible manner. It is essential that one of team officials has a Doctor or Physiotherapist degree.

The team officials will be held responsible for the behaviour of their players as well on-and-off the pitch, as within the grounds of the sports complex and all other facilities made available to the group.

8  Age restrictions
Only players born on or after the 1st of January, 2003 are eligible. The age of the players is to be verified by the tournament committee before the tournament start. All players are obliged to display a valid international identification card with a contemporary photo along with registration and actual health card confirmed by their own football clubs (Photo copy of an ID-card will not be considered a valid document).

Prior to the tournament start one of team officials is duty bound to provide the tournament committee, with a complete list of 16 players authorised to play. After the first match of the team-in-question starts, no more players may be added.

9  Game Duration
Two halves – twenty minutes each (2 x 20) with a 5 minute break time. The tournament committee is entitled to alter the game duration and the tournament schedule should circumstances dictate so.

The official ball that will be used will be size 5. Each team will receive 6 practice balls upon arrival.

10  Points awarded
Game won: 3 points awarded.
Draw: 1 point awarded.
Game lost: no points awarded.

11  Tournament Format
Group stage:
Teams will be divided into 4 groups (A, B, C & D). Each will consist of 4 teams. Every team will play against each other only once. Group rankings table position will be determined by the number of points awarded. Should two (or more) teams placed in the same group, have the equal amount of points, following rules will apply: (in the below mentioned order)

1. Game result between the teams concerned
2. Goal difference in mutual games
3. Goals scored in mutual games
4. Goal difference in all games
5. Goals scored in all games
6. Penalty shootout
…promotes the team on the-upper-hand to the next round.

Cup stage:
After the group stage (4 groups consisting of 4 teams) has ended, the tournament will move to the next round, which has the characteristics of a cup tournament.

Cup games schedule was drawn by the hand of our tournament director.

Teams ranked first and second, in their respective groups, will compete in the final round for places 1-8.

A1 – C2, B1 – D2, A2 – C1, B2 – D1;

Game winners advance to the semifinals : A1C2 – B1D2 and A2C1 – B2D1.
Game losers will play against each other in order to determine final rankings table position. (places 5-8)

Semi-finals winners advance to the final game and will play for the first and the second place.
Runners-up will play against each other for the third and the fourth place.

Teams ranked third and fourth, in their respective groups (after the group stage), will play against each other (in a so called “consolation cup”) for the sake of determining final rankings table position. (places 9-16)

Final round rules apply.

In the event of a draw, regardless of whether it is the final round or the consolation cup game, the competition will move to extra time.
Extra time: two halves – five minutes each (2 x 5) with a 5 minute break time.
Should extra time fail to present the winner the competition will move to penalty kicks. FIFA rules apply.

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12  Team Sheets and Substitutions
Prior to each game the team official is held liable for the delivery of a Team Sheet to the referee. Team sheet is simply a list of players providing basic info about each player’s name and number. Players are obliged to wear the same number during the whole Tournament.

In all matches, up to a maximum of 5 substitutes may be used. A player may only be substituted during a stoppage in play and with the permission of the referee or assistant referee. The player to be substituted (outgoing player) must have left the field of play before the substitute (incoming player) may enter the field of play; at that point the substitute becomes a player and the person substituted ceases to be a player. The incoming player may only enter the field at the half-way line after receiving approval from the linesman. Failure to comply with these provisions may be punished by a caution (yellow card). Once substituted, the player shall not take part in the game any further.

13  Strip colors
Every club will submit in advance two color options for their strips (home & away). Home & away strip colors should be in clear contrast with each other. Should the referee reckon the colors too similar, the team listed first on the schedule (“home”) is obliged to change their strips to “away” colors. Goalkeeper’s outfit must differ plenty from field player strip colors of both teams.

All tournament players are obliged to be equipped with football shoes appropriate for the pitch type. (cleats designed to perform under certain field conditions – moulded studs for natural pitch, turf for artificial pitch).

14  Discipline
When a player is cautioned (shown a yellow card) or sent off (shown a red card), the referee will notify the tournament committee immediately after the match.

Any player, who has received two cautions (yellow cards) in the tournament, will be suspended from the team’s next game.

If a player has been sent off (shown a red card), the Tournament Jury will decide what penalty will be given in addition to a minimum suspension from the team’s next game.

Any player, who has received one caution (yellow card) by the end of the Group stage, will have their record cleared before entering into the cup stage.

A team’s result will be considered invalid in the following cases:

• Teams late for their game (five minutes after kick- off time) without a valid reason, forfeit the match with a 0:3 score. This decision will always be confirmed by the Tournament Jury.

• In the unlikely event of using an ineligible player, the whole team will be subjected to disqualification. The team will be forced to forfeit all played games by a 0-2 score. Any prizes won by that time are to be handed in. This decision will always be confirmed by the Tournament Jury.

• If a referee has to abandon a game due to misconduct of players, team leaders or spectators of a particular team, the team-in-question will be forced to forfeit the game by a 0 – 3 score. This decision will always be confirmed by the Tournament Jury.

• The match will be awarded to the opponent with 3 points and 3-0 score when the score of the match was tied or in favor of the team by whose fault the match had to be abandoned. Was the goal difference at the time of the match being abandoned better than 3-0 and in favor of the opponent, this score will be awarded. This decision will always be confirmed by the Tournament Jury.

• If the referee has to abandon a game due to misconduct of both teams, neither of the teams will be awarded any points. The match will be awarded with zero points and a 0 – 3 score to both teams. This decision will always be confirmed by the Tournament Jury.

15  Protests
The referee’s decisions in all matters concerning point of play shall be final and binding. Protests involving such decisions will therefore not be considered. All other protest should be made only by the responsible team official to the tournament committee no later than 15 minutes after the match. The tournament committee’s decision is final and binding.

16  Additional Regulations
The tournament committee hereby declares that in all of the above-mentioned cases and in other matters not covered by this document, according FIFA Laws of the Game apply.

17 Responsibility
It is the responsibility of each team to make sure that adequate insurance cover is provided for their players and team members. Each team must have a physiotherapist or doctor named in their team sheet.

Nike and the tournament organizers are not responsible for any personal injury or injury to others caused by the player or team official, damage or theft of belongings – such as luggage or money – nor for any error, accident or failure caused to or by any person or company.

The liability for any damage caused by the supporters to the playground or the hotel has to be fully covered by the club concerned.

18  Photo & Film
The participants agree to all present and future media for the gratuitous use of photo and/or the voice of participants for photographies, filmmaterial and interviews. The participants agree to the publication for commercial and editorial purposes in unchanged or changed form in connection to the “Premier Cup 2017” in terms of broadcasting, tv, printmedia, books, internet etc.